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5 Holiday Sex Tips To Turn Up The Heat

sexy holiday guide


We have all spent the winter daydreaming about those days when we wear fewer clothes, relax and bask in the sunshine and at last the summer holidays are drawing closer. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway with your partner, perhaps it’s your first trip away as a couple or even if you have kids in tow and are going on a family break during a holiday you will be free from daily chores, work stress and will be able to spend quality time with your significant other.  It’s this relaxed state of mind that is the perfect aphrodisiac and with a little preparation, holiday sex can be the best kind of sex to create memories that can last a lifetime.

1. What To Pack

Summer holidays are a great time to dress sexy, you look and feel less tired and have a beautiful glow from a day on the beach (Make sure to pack a good sunscreen ladies, sunburn is most definitely not sexy!) With more time to spend on yourself and less effort required it’s easy to achieve a smoking hot look. Preparing for a trip away can be so much fun, get in the right frame of mind to be your sexiest self. Enjoy a shopping trip and treat yourself to a few new feel-good summer pieces, get your body beach ready with a wax and pamper yourself by getting your hair and nails done. From feminine flirty dresses to skimpy skirts, daring date night outfits and sheer swimsuit cover-ups only pack items that make you feel sexy. Don’t think about bringing anything other than your best lingerie and nightwear on a trip with your loved one, white and pastel shades of lace are always a winner but neon bright colours also look gorgeous with a tan. You will want a sexy sleepwear option such as a babydoll or cute pj set and a sheer or satin robe is perfect for lounging in the hotel room. Include a variety of skimpy thongs and boudoir bra sets or an erotic outfit if you have been fantasising about a particular roleplay scenario. To help with suitcase space you can wear a silk cami, slip dress or bodysuit as outerwear too. Don’t forget accessories to enhance your steamy holiday sex sessions such as lubricants, blindfolds, cuffs and toys.

Here are a few of our favourite lingerie pieces for a romantic getaway:

Satin Robe £31.95
Pink Lace Teddy £32.95
Sleepwear Chemise £29.95
Belle Bodysuit £15.95
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The Dreamer Teddy £59.95

2. Spend Quality Time Together

Use precious holiday time to reconnect and rekindle your romance if you have been together a while recreate the closeness that you felt with your partner during the early stages of the relationship where sex, great conversation and excitement were at the forefront or if you are with a new beau use the time to get to know your new partner intimately. Turn your phones off,  of course, take those all important pics to post to insta and use your phone for navigation but otherwise avoid the temptation to spend your holiday on your phone and instead focus on your partner. Share experiences together whether it be going on a hike, sightseeing or adrenaline pumped activities, trying something new can be bonding, it will create memories and will encourage you to bring that spontaneity into the bedroom. Get on holiday time, don’t watch the clock and don’t feel bad if you want to lounge in your room or follow the locals and take a siesta, order a room service breakfast and lay in bed for an extra couple of hours to indulge in some delicious morning sex.

3. Be Adventurous

Your holiday is already an adventure together so be daring and step outside your comfort zone in the bedroom.  If there is something you have been wanting to try or have been fantasising about then why not take the opportunity to experiment with new positions, introduce toys or a little light bondage just be sure to discuss it with your partner first. Hotel rooms usually are well designed to inspire your erotic imagination with big firm beds, full mirrors, desks and large showers or baths. If you have the luxury of a balcony or hot tub then take your lovemaking al fresco and if you don’t there is always the cliche of sex on the beach. What makes this so sexy is not only the warm air on your skin but the thrill of potentially being seen, however make sure that you assess the location fully so you are careful not to actually get caught and respect local customs – if outdoor sex and nudity is frowned on then simply don’t do it or you could wind up behind bars.

4. Focus on Foreplay

With most of the day spent together wearing a lot less clothing than usual coupled with a few cocktails and plenty of fun in the sun you may find you are already feeling frisky by the time you head back to the hotel room. Resist the urge to get between the sheets for a quickie instead build the anticipation by focusing on foreplay. Add a few extras to your suitcase to amp up your steamy sessions, such as erotic toys and ticklers, put on a sexy playlist and dress up in provocative lingerie for a seductive striptease or try scented massage oil to create ambience,  a sensual massage is a perfect prelude to your lovemaking as you discover new erogenous zones. Indulge in temperature play and use ice to trace over your partner’s hot skin,  alternate with ice in your mouth for mindblowing oral sex by blindfolding or cuffing your partner you will heighten their senses further.

Here are a few of our favourite super sexy bedroom accessories to slip in your suitcase:

Aphrodisia Massage Oil £19.95
Lelo Lubricant £12.95
Feather Tickler £8.95
Kama Sutra Cards £4.95
Silk Blindfold £43.95
Floral Vibe Gift Set £31.95

5. Get Wet and Wild

Although getting it on in the sea or a pool seems super sexy in reality it’s not the best idea as water actually reduces your natural lubricant, condoms are likely to break if this is your method of contraception and you could also risk a bacterial infection which would spoil your holiday. If you really must tick this one off your bucket list then use silicone based lube before you take the plunge as this will help. Lubricant is essential for your sexy holiday packing list,  it is one of the best bedroom enhancers and you may find you need it with all the extra sex you are going to be having. Go skinny dipping if you can find somewhere secluded or have a private pool this way you can share some intimate kissing and touching and save intercourse until you are back on dry land. If you want to get wet n wild without the risks then you can always get steamy in the shower in the privacy of your room.

So there we have it, make this summer your hottest ever ….. sun, sea, sand and the rest is up to you!

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