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We all know the relieving feeling of getting home from a long day at work to take off our bra. Getting rid of that underwire and feeling free and comfortable is an unmatched sense of heaven… until you wear bralettes.

For larger busted ladies, taking off your bra at the end of a long day is great, but sometimes you still need a little bit of support to take you through your evening, or even through the night. And for smaller cup sizes, it can give an extra feeling of comfort to not even have to change out of your bra!

Bralettes are a perfect middle-ground between a supportive bra, and wearing nothing, and are perfect as either an all-day-long lingerie piece or nighttime support.

No longer the next-best-thing to a bra, bralettes are now the go-to option for many women of all shapes and sizes. They tend to be extra comfy without the underwire and padding of a conventional bra, but still offer all that luscious lace and sexy feeling of any glamorous  lingerie.

Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, and so do these lingerie lovelies. There are just as many options as with a bra, just without the underwire. Bralettes will support smaller-busted babes all day long, and can be the perfect nightwear options (whether you’re sleeping, or wowing your lover!) for ladies with a larger cup size.

Choose between halter neck, triangle cup, harness styles, longline options, crop tops, and more to find your perfect style that will take you all the way through your day, and into the boudoir, with style.


Essentially, a bralette is a bra, just without the structural features of an underwire, and generally without padded cups. Traditionally the choice of smaller chested ladies, they are quickly becoming a favourite for all size busts due to their comfort and sex-appeal.

Bralettes are known for being the comfier, softer little sister to the traditional brassiere, but are quickly becoming a favourite and a staple in lingerie collections. With the same stunning sex appeal and that extra bonus of comfort, they might just be the best swap you’ve ever made. Think of a mix between lacy lingerie and a sports bra, and that’s where this comfortable cutie sits.

This stunning lingerie option can be designed with cut-outs and strappy elements or can be a more simple piece, but will always have you covered with comfort and ease of wear. Padded bralettes create more shape and the soft cups offer ultimate wire-free comfort for laid back lounging.


Bralettes are perfect for styling in any way you choose. Wear them as a top, wear them under or even over your clothes, or as one piece in a glam lingerie look; their versatility makes them a lingerie staple.

The first step is to choose which style to wear. From super fun halter neck designs to luxurious longline lingerie bralettes, there is a huge variety to choose from. Whether you want to look fun and flirty or seductive and sexy, and wherever you’re wearing it, you’ll have all eyes on you. The most popular way to wear them is as an alternative piece of underwear to a bra. Bralettes can be easily swapped in for a less comfortable wired bra, and still look just as cute.

As they’re less heavily structured, bralettes can be worn under any outfit and they are worth showing off, a glimpse of lace peeking from beneath a shirt or low neckline is a flirty trend here to stay! For bustier ladies, sometimes it can be uncomfortable to sleep with no support, but it isn’t healthy to sleep in a fully structured bra. The perfect option is bralettes, to keep you comfortable without hurting your breasts.

If you’re a festival fan or a regular at raves, bralettes can also be a super fun outfit choice on their own! Try a leather bralette, or a neon pink number, to really attract attention and stand out in the crowds.  When a bra would be too bold,  a subtle bralette could be the perfect option for wearing underneath sheer tops. Peeking through a slightly see-through top, a black bralette or a white lace bralette adds a little sprinkle of flirtatious fantasy into any look.

Last but not least, these titillating tops are, of course, a stunning piece of boudoir lingerie. Lace bralette tops, when teamed with matching knickers, offer a bra set that takes you from day to night seamlessly. Up the bedtime ante in red bralette lingerie set to ignite passion and set the scene for seduction. Longline bralettes offer more coverage, pair with suspenders and seamed stockings for a glamorous retro vibe.


There is absolutely no need to wear a bra underneath your bralette, and doubling up like this will only reduce airflow to your breasts and make everything a lot less comfortable! For smaller cup sizes, a bralette alone should be enough to keep you supported. For more busty babes, try a halter neck option for some extra support, or perhaps use your soft cup lacy lingerie lovelies as an evening option, after wearing a bra throughout the day. If you feel like you need extra support, try some padded inserts rather than doubling up, to make sure that you enjoy the comfort of no underwire. Bralettes are far more supportive than they’re given credit for. Although they don’t give you all the support of traditional bras, they can give you that little bit of bonus support you need.

Bralettes are not a cover-up for a plain-looking bra but are their very own kind of lingerie. Their frilly and intricate designs, featuring floral embroidery or statement strapwork, give your breasts the VIP treatment that they deserve. Bedtime Flirt has created a stunning bralette range that has options to fit all shapes and sizes.

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