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Sexy lingerie is all very well for enticing your partner in the boudoir, but what do you do when the fun is done? Some lingerie isn’t much good for a restful night’s sleep, but a nightwear teddy is wonderfully comfortable for all nighttime activities! Designed to be sleek and seductive, teddies are one-piece lingerie garments which aren’t too tight or too complicated, so are the perfect option all night long. It might seem that comfort and sexiness don’t come in one package when it comes to lingerie, but the teddy is here to prove us wrong. The perfect sexy to sleepy outfit, you can choose from a more simple white satin teddy to an irresistible black lace or mesh teddy. If you’re heading on a romantic getaway, teddies are the perfect thing to pack. They take up nearly no space, and they’re extra lightweight, so you can even pack a selection of sexy styles.


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