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In the glamourous world of lingerie, a luxurious and sexy bodystocking is a show-stopping, wardrobe must-have!


A bodystocking is a chic, one-piece, figure-hugging garment that elegantly covers your torso and legs (and sometimes your arms if you’re looking for a little bit more coverage), radiating absolute sex appeal! This timeless, one-piece attire is ideal for not only an alternative to your everyday underwear but also for a statement outfit on a glam night-out or for an intimate affair in-between the sheets, taking versatility to a whole other level and making it the ultimate lingerie purchase!

These sexy lingerie one-pieces are available in a variety of different styles, suitable for all shapes and sizes.


You might be wondering what different styles are on offer, and which one would be the perfect choice for you.

From gorgeous lace to naughty suspenders, all bodystockings can be worn for a variety of scenarios.

If you’re looking for an exciting alternative to your everyday lingerie, a chic sheer or an elegant lace bodystocking may prove to become your next best friend!. Not only will they provide you with ultimate comfort, and a contour to your stunning curves, but these luxurious items of lingerie can be styled to add an extra edge to your evening outfit.

For a scintillating surprise, crotchless bodystockings are designed with an open crotch or naughty peephole. This style undoubtedly elevates your sex appeal and you can keep this seductive outfit on during bedroom fun as an added turn on for your partner. For a more intimate affair, a seductive suspender bodystocking will create that “wow” moment as you strut through those bedroom doors. With the garter attached, this piece will produce that perfectly erotic lingerie look!

However, if you’re feeling a little bit more experimental, why not try a catsuit featuring cut-outs or statement strapwork to give you that powerful femme fatale feel.

You could even go further to heighten your sex appeal by going cupless or crotchless, covering almost every part of your body but your intimate assets – remember, less can absolutely be more!

One-piece body stocking lingerie is so incredibly diverse that it can even be styled for a girl’s night out! Dressed in some lingerie underneath or with a great outfit and a killer pair of heels, our sheer, opaque, long-sleeved, and fishnet bodystockings can absolutely create that desired, classy and dramatic look we all desire!

Also, don’t shy away from experimenting with colour! Maybe choose racy red to make a seductive statement or dress up in white to feel fabulously feminine.


Bodystockings are ideal for all shapes and sizes. Most garments come in one size (with plus-size options available), they are made from super stretchy hosiery fabric and are designed to mould themselves perfectly to your own body shape!

For our plus-sized curvaceous beauties, this glamourous lingerie could prove to be a perfect choice. Unlike some other underwear styles, these sexy one-pieces are flawlessly flattering and designed to accentuate your curves giving a smooth line without cutting in, giving you that effortless, tantalising look when the clothes finally do come off…


Your sexy purchase has arrived! Now it’s time for the exciting part… Trying it on and wearing it out!

When it comes to putting on a bodystocking, keep in mind your method for tights! It’s pretty simple, but these items can get tangled, twisted, and can sag if they are not put on properly. Some of the strappy designs are tricky to get into but the payoff is definitely worth it.

To put on a bodystocking you want to remember these four, quick, essential tips:

  1. Always begin from the neckline. Roll up and gather the material of your bodystocking right up until you reach the feet of the garment. Like tights, step one foot into the leg and, whilst applying tension to avoid sagging, pull it up to the top of your knee. Then, all you have to do is repeat on the other side! Remember: be careful of those nails, ladies!
  2. Once you have reached knee-height, carefully pull the garment all the way up past your bottom and hips, making sure none of the material is sagging or getting twisted! If you decided to choose a suspender style, then remember at this stage to be especially careful when pulling up the garment past knee height. Apply tension when you’re pulling and avoid moving the garment from your original position to avoid any awkward and uncomfortable twisting.
  3.  When your full body stocking has reached your hips, keep pulling it up past your stomach and over your breasts. With a sleeveless style, position the straps in the right place and you’re ready to go. With a halter design, pull the halter strap over your head, position correctly, and you should have that beautiful, chic look. With any sleeved bodystockings, simply pop one arm into the sleeve, and then repeat on the other side, and position to fit comfortably around the neck!
  4.   Voila! You should now have your lingerie on and you should be feeling utterly irresistible! Make sure the size fits perfectly for you, and make any adjustments you need. How to choose to take it off is up to you or your lover!

Check out our stunning collection to find a style to suit you or read more about bodystockings here

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