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A Brief Look at Women’s Knickers Reveals All

womens knickers

An everyday essential, yet something we easily forget about, a pair of women’s knickers can be an insignificant part of your daily outfit hidden from the world and worn with no other purpose than covering up and keeping your modesty. Some days you just grab whatever is within the easiest reach in your lingerie drawer without even realising the colour, cut or style. It is a lucky dip in the knicker drawer;  and sometimes ends up not so lucky, will you get unflattering visible panty lines, the washed out briefs with slack elastic or your risque crotchless sexy thong that you usually reserve for erotic encounters? Yes, I am sure we all have days like that! If I was asked what colour my panties were today, I would have to think for a few seconds and then say black as a safe guess. This perfectly proves my point of easily forgettable knickers and boring briefs! Your choice of lingerie can still say a lot about you. Most of us can agree that our outward appearances reflect how we present ourselves, your underwear preference however is completely personal. While we may follow fashion in our outerwear our lingerie style usually remains the same so maybe it is time to try something new.

It is a cliché, yet so true that sexy underwear can make you feel amazing and can brighten up an otherwise not so great day.  Swap your usual knickers for something different, be it the luxurious silk knickers you keep for special occasions, simply a different cut like classic French knickers or something more colourful or patterned to stimulate your senses and break the basic black cotton habit. A great pair of women’s knickers can help build your confidence, feel empowered wearing your sultry lace knickers or seductive in the skimpiest G-string. When you pick out your morning undies stop and think how you want to feel and what they say about you!

Never underestimate the power of naughty knickers to spice things up in the bedroom and enhance foreplay; try wearing a teasing open back or strappy, crotchless knickers as a tantalising surprise if you are wanting to ignite a spark in your love life. Explore and tease with seriously sexy ouvert (that’s French for open) knickers or try a sensational and irresistible pearl thong with arousal guaranteed.

Another function of women’s knickers, thongs and briefs is of course as shapewear, creating that sleek silhouette with no VPL, muffin tops or whale-tails in sight. These might not be the sexiest looking garments you will ever wear, but your overall look will reap the benefits, these days you do not have to go for a full on girdle or boned corset to get the perfect silhouette! Women’s knickers featuring tummy control and bottom lifting, sleek seam-free microfiber, “invisible” knickers and even adhesive knickers for skimpy cuts and unforgiving fabrics are on the market as aids for those fashion emergencies. You could of course not wear underwear, but we all have different comfort zones when it comes to going commando outside the bedroom!

We are creatures of habit and there is nothing wrong with that, but breaking the routine once in a while is refreshing and enables us to make new discoveries, not just when it comes to our intimates but also bigger and more important things in life. Breaking your boring briefs habit is an easy place to start though!  Whatever the shape and size of your derriere, be proud and cheeky and cherish yourself with sumptuous women’s knickers, teasing G strings and layers of the luscious lingerie you deserve to make you look and feel fabulous!


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