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Gentlemen's Guide

Hello Gentlemen!

We understand shopping for lingerie for the lady in your life can be daunting, but don't panic, we are here to help you find that perfect gift.

Forget the high street, our online lingerie boutique is a stress free shopping experience and one which we think you may enjoy!!

Before we go any further, firstly do you know her size? If not, here's what you should do:

Sneak into her lingerie drawer, go straight to the source and look at a few labels. Sizes vary by brand so we suggest looking at several to most accurately size her up. What you are looking for:

Bra - It has two measurements. A number (eg 34) and a letter (eg B). The number is her chest size (circumference) and the letter is her cup size. You must match both!

Chemise, body, camisole and teddy - These are usually sized in normal dress sizes (eg 10, 12, 14). Anything like a dress, jumper or top will reveal the right size for these garments. Knickers, suspenders, briefs and thongs - again sized in normal dress sizes (eg 10, 12, 14).

Why buy sexy lingerie?

You can really keep relationships fresh through lingerie. Like bringing home flowers, going out to dinner and making love on the kitchen floor, lingerie adds spice and keeps things hot.

While any gift is thoughtful, nothing says sexy like lingerie. Every woman wants to feel desirable. The best news is, lingerie is a gift that you will enjoy too.

For other tips to consider when shopping for lingerie read below our gift guide, this will help you find the perfect present for the special lady in your life.

Lingerie comes down to personal taste. It all depends on the occasion, relationship and preference. Many men think skimpy lingerie is sexier, while others like the gorgeous feel of silk lingerie. We suggest thinking about what she usually wears and fantasizing about what might bring out another side. The beauty of sexy lingerie is its ability to transform.

What's the occassion?

We know Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries are perfect occasions to show your sensitivity and imagination through the gift of lingerie. But remember guys every day is a good day to turn up the heat in a relationship by giving lingerie to someone you care about. If you make her feel special who knows maybe she will return the favour!

Presentation is everything!

For the total package, let us gift box your purchases. Your thoughtful gifts come delivered in a tempting wrapping that, like sexy lingerie, is designed to lead to the present within.

If you're still unsure why not get her some Bedtime Flirt gift vouchers, you know how much she enjoys spending your money!!

If you need some inspiration whilst searching for that special surprise, our lingerie gift guide is here to help. A birthday, wedding, anniversary or simply a sexy treat for the one you love, whatever the occasion Bedtime Flirt can meet your gift requirements.

Our fun personality guide below may give you some ideas.

Glamour Puss

A gorgeous girl if somewhat a little high maintenance, she's not afraid to turn heads, always has lip-gloss intact, her worse nightmare would to be seen out in her tracksuit. Her friends are inspired by her sense of drama and romance and her biggest style challenge is living a life as sexy and self-assured as her wardrobe. Think red hot sexy lingerie, this girl wants to get noticed, she loves anything that sparkles so pick lingerie with diamante crystals. Luxurious silk lingerie or a sexy corset would make her feel like a real glamour puss!

Celebrity Icons: Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham

Our suggestions


She has an individualistic approach to style. Her friends admire the way she throws different outfits together always looking amazing. An experimenter at heart, she keeps up with trends in order to put her own personal stamp on them.

Go for modern fabrics and less fussy styles in bright colours, perhaps a camisole set, boy shorts or a stylish chemise.

Celebrity Icons: Marlene Dietrich, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss

Our suggestions

Classy Lady

Her polished ladylike style is served in a long cool glass with a shot of personal poise. She's no strict traditionalist, her appreciation for flattering classics is informed by her own personality and spirit. Her friends love her impeccable taste and with good reason, she's no doubt a class act. She adores the little black dress and will appreciate a luxury gift of silk lingerie, French knickers or a satin gown.

Celebrity Icons: Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta Jones

Our suggestions

Low Maintenance Hottie

Looking good doesn't have to take hours. She loves living life and has far more exciting things to do than spending hours in front of the mirror. She has a sexy natural appeal that comes from being herself.

Choose natural fabrics like cotton or silk and avoid fancy lace frills and ruffles, she likes to be comfortable whilst having fun. An ideal present for her would be some sexy boy shorts with a matching camisole.

Celebrity Icons: Doris Day, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz

Our suggestions

Femme Fatale

This girl oozes sex appeal, men go weak at the knees when she enters the room. She is daring and adventurous and loves wearing revealing sexy outfits. Her friends admire her confidence and the way she can even make an old t-shirt look sexy. Choose her some naughty lingerie, such as a peephole bikini or a sexy bustier.

Celebrity Icons: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Angelina Jolie

Our suggestions

The Tease

She knows how to flutter her eyelashes to get exactly what she wants. She is an ultra feminine girly girl who loves to dress up and make herself look pretty. She is flirty and playful, a real life Barbie doll, she will love pinks and pastel colours and she will adore dressing up in frilly sexy baby dolls or ruffle pants.

Celebrity Icons: Bridgett Bardot, Jordan, Paris Hilton.

Our suggestions

Gift Wrapping

All orders are wrapped in tissue paper with all receipts and prices removed.

Presentation is everything when you want to surprise that special someone, so we recommend that you choose our gift box option, your lingerie will be beautifully wrapped in a stylish black gift box with pink ribbon. The cost of this service is £4.00. We will handwrite your personal message on a gift card if you complete this option in checkout.

We respect customer privacy at all times and offer a discreet service, all orders will be delivered in plain packaging.


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