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Bra Fitting

It is estimated over 80% of woman are wearing the wrong bra size.

Finding the right bra size and shape can make such a difference to your shape and of course, your confidence!

How to measure your bra size:

Measurements should be made on skin not over clothing.

  1. First measure around your body directly under the bust, this will give you the underbust measurement.
  2. Measure around your body over the fullest part of your bust this will give you the over bust measurement.
  3. Refer to our chart, your bra size can be found where the two measurements intersect.

This bra size guide should help you to generally determine the right bra size and is pretty accurate, but we recommend that you try on a variety of styles to determine the best bra size and style for you.

Remember, Bedtime Flirt offer a no quibble returns policy so you can shop with us with confidence safe in the knowledge that if you buy a bra in the size you think is correct for you, but if it doesn't fit, you can return it to us for an exchange or refund.


Overbust Underbust
- 27-29 29-31 31-33 33-35
32.5 32a - - -
33.5 32b - - -
34.5 32c 34a - -
35.5 32d 34b - -
36.5 32dd 34c 36a -
37.5 32e 34d 36b -
38.5 32f 34dd 36c 38a
39.5 32g 34e 36d 38b
40.5 34F 36DD 38C -
41.5 34G 36E 38D -
42.5 - 36F -
43.5 - 36G -


Overbust Underbust
- 70-75 75-80 80-85 85-90
83 32a - - -
85 32b - - -
88 32c 34a - -
90 32d 34b - -
93 32dd 34c 36a -
95 32e 34d 36b -
98 32f 34dd 36c 38a
100 32g 34e 36d 38b
103 - 34f 36dd 38c
105 - 34g 36e 38d
108 - - 36f -
110 - - 36g -

Bra fitting tips

  1. The underband of your bra should fit comfortably in the middle of your back and not rise up or down.
  2. The underwire should never dig into your breast tissue and should fit snugly under the arm.
  3. The underwire should lay flat against the breastbone.
  4. The bust should not spill over the top of the cup. If it does you are wearing the incorrect cup size.

Size Guide

Most of our lingerie is available in Small, Medium, Large, etc. Please refer to the simple size chart below to see how standard sizes relate to our easy-to-choose size range across many of our products. Some products are "One Size" giving a very comfortable fit for UK sizes 8-12.

When purchasing a corset we recommend you buy the same size as the band size you normally wear on a bra, for example if you are a 34B you should purchase a size 34.

- UK USA Euro French Italian Australian
X-Small 8 4 34 36 40 8
Small 10 6 36 38 42 10
Medium 12 8 38 40 44 12
Large 14 10 40 42 46 14
X-Large 16 12 42 44 48 16
- UK USA Euro French Italian Australian
X-Small 32 32 70 85 1 10
Small 34 34 75 90 2 12
Medium 36 36 80 95 3 14
Large 38 38 85 100 4 16
X-Large 40 40 90 105 5 18

Buying a gift?

Our "One Size" items are great if you are unsure of her size, but if you know her usual clothing size, select a product that is available in Small, Medium, Large etc.

Use our handy sizing chart to select the correct size. If you have done your research and you know her bra size, you can simply use this to help you shop, as most of our bras are labelled by standard UK bra sizing.

If you are not sure of her size but you want to shop specifically for a bra, try and sneak a look at one of her favourite bras to get the size. If you need more help with buying a gift, visit our gift shop for plenty of help and inspiration!


Bedtime Flirt offer an exclusive bespoke design service.

The experienced seamstress's, pattern cutters and talented designers at our studio will personally create you anything your heart desires!

These hand made garments are made from luxurious materials and are designed to meet individual requirements.

We are passionate about lingerie and this is our inspiration for some simply stunning outerwear designs from seductive eveningwear corsets to outrageously risqué dresses, this means you can now flirt outside the bedroom too!

Our extensive client list of celebrities and models love our limited edition bespoke designs. So if you want to indulge in a personal treat or surprise someone with a special gift then this truly special unique service is for you, simply contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

Lingerie Care

Here are a few tips on how to protect and care for your beautiful new lingerie.

We highly recommend hand washing all of our lingerie in gentle soap flakes, hand washing liquid or a neutral shampoo. Do not use bleach or any whitening products.

Wash dark, light & coloured fabrics separately.

Wash hosiery separately as bra hooks & fastenings can catch. Allow to drip dry over a bath or shower. This should substantially lengthen the life of your hosiery.

Try not to wear light lingerie under dark clothes or denim as this can dull & dye delicate fabrics instantly.

Do not tumble dry lingerie as this may damage the delicate fabrics.