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Massage & Oils

Enjoy a truly sensual experience with our range of sexy massage oils and lotions. The most irresistible aromas to stimulate the soul and the senses our massage body oils make the perfect romantic gift. These gorgeous erotic accessories are a wonderful way to enhance foreplay and take intimacy to a new level. Our collection of sensual massage experiences include edible massage oil, indulge in dark chocolate and wild strawberry these exquisite flavours will make your lover even more irresistible than before. Set the tone with illumination, scent and a tactile thrill, burn a scented massage oil candle as a regular candle and let the flickering light enhance the erotic atmosphere. You will be spoilt for choice with gorgeous aromas like pink lotus, cacao, dark vanilla and rich bourbon. The magic begins when the soft wax melts and you pour the warm oil onto your lovers skin and treat them to a sensual erotic massage.

Explore sensual massage with our luxury relaxing massage oils, body lotions and intimate lubricants. Unleash a sensory awakening with a sensual aromatic massage oil or spoil your lover with a sexy gift such as a massage candle or great massage oil set. If you are looking to reconnect with your partner or impress a new lover, sexy massage will set the scene for a night of passion. Use a satin blindfold to heighten senses even further or delight in our kissable chocolate massage oil for the ultimate indulgence. We have hand selected the best massage oils, with UK next day delivery and luxury packaging. Shop online today and get ready to experience the divine pleasure of erotic massage.